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Governing Body / Academy Standards Committee

Meet our ASC Members

Meet our ASC Members 1 Jean Halyes - Chair of Governors
Meet our ASC Members 2 Louise Miles
Meet our ASC Members 3 Angela Eggleston
Meet our ASC Members 4 David Bowen
Meet our ASC Members 5 Mark Hayles
Meet our ASC Members 6 David Knight
Meet our ASC Members 7 Claire-Marie Habbishaw - Head Teacher
Meet our ASC Members 8 Lauren Norton - Deputy Head & Associate ASC Member

Michael Tennant


Louise Miles


Elizabeth Coultous


Joy Senior (Staff Representative)

Governance of Cherry Tree Academy

Cherry Tree Academy is part of the Waterton Academy Trust (“the Trust”), which is responsible for several primary schools in the Wakefield district. To find out more about the Trust, please visit


The Directors of the Trust are responsible for the governance of Cherry Tree Academy but have set up a Academy Standards Committee (ASC) for the academy and have delegated responsibilities to it.


Membership of the Academy Standards Committee

When Cherry Tree Academy became part of the Trust in April 2017, the Trust appointed all the members of the Governing Body of the predecessor school, Cobblers Lane Primary School, as the Local Governing Body, with their existing terms of office.


The table below shows the current membership of the ASC and how individual governors were appointed. The table also shows governors' declarations of interest, as required by law.

The Role of the Academy Standards Committee

The role and responsibilities of the ASC are set out by the Trust in two documents, the Decision Planner and the Governor’s Handbook. Please see below for copies of these documents.  These documents are currently under review and will be updated accordingly. 

It is important to note that the ASC's role is strategic. This means that it is responsible for the overall direction of the academy, not day-to-day management. Management of the school is the responsibility of the Headteacher.


The ASC has collective responsibility. This means that no individual governor has any authority on their own, unless the ASC has delegated this to them. The ASC has also agreed to the Code of Conduct set out by the Trust. All governors must abide by this. Please see below for a copy.


Governors' Code of Conduct

Governors Attendance

The documents below shows governors attendance at meetings of the Governing Body / ASC  during the last academic year. 

The Work of the Governing Body: 2017-18

The report below summarises the work of the Governing Body of Cherry Tree Academy 2017-18.

Contact the Chair of Governors of Cherry Tree academy ASC

All emails will be forwarded straight to Jean Hayles, Chair of Governors.

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