History Progression 2019


Through our History Curriculum at Cherry Tree Academy we are passionate about our children:

  • being curious about the past;
  • gaining a secure knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world;
  • learning to ask perceptive questions;
  • thinking critically;
  • evaluating evidence;
  • developing perspective and judgement;
  • understanding the process of change;
  • appreciating the diversity of societies and the relationships between different groups
  • understanding their own identity. 


At Cherry Tree Academy, these skills are embedded within history lessons and developed throughout their journey of the history curriculum drawing on aspects of Bloom’s Taxonomy to deepen learning.

By the end of their primary education, our children will have a chronological understanding of British history from Stone Age to present day. They will be able to draw comparisons and make connections between different time periods and their own lives. Interlinked with this is the need to look at world history such as the ancient civilisations of Greece and the Mayans.

The content of our history curriculum is taken from the 2014 National Curriculum. Units are enriched by cross curriculum work when appropriate. We also encourage a project- based approach to learning with an emphasis, where appropriate, on our local community.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) follows the ‘Development Matters in the EYFS’ guidance which aims for all children in reception to have an ‘Understanding of the World; people and communities, the world and technology’ by the end of the academic year.  

Teachers plan together in phases to create teaching and learning opportunities which take into account prior learning.


At Cherry Tree we strive to create a supportive and collaborative ethos for learning by providing investigative learning opportunities. Emphasis is beginning to be placed on analytical thinking which helps children gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world.