Our Aims, Visions and Ethos



We believe in the importance of providing our children with a wide range of experiences in order to help them make choices later in life. Through curriculum development we are working hard to engage and inspire our pupils, providing them with opportunities to explore their interests and question the world around them.

We believe in helping all our children to reach their full potential and recognise every child as an individual. Working alongside our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo), our Pastoral Team support children's social, emotional and mental health needs through the provision of intervention groups, one-to-one guidance and family support.

We believe that for our school family to be effective it is vital for everyone in our family to learn, demonstrate and develop the following key skills, which will prepare our children for the future, not only within the classroom but also in the wider local, regional and world communities:

  • Be resilient
  • Be independent
  • Be ambitious
  • Communicate well
  • Collaborate with others 

Welcome to the family!